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What services we provide

Olympus CM is your champion.

As the Olympic Spartans of old, we work for the owner to protect you from risk during construction. Understanding that construction projects can run into the hundreds of million dollars, you need a champion to protect your interest.

Cost Control

We manage the budget, schedule, and requests for payments, ensuring that you are only paying for the work that is complete and that there is still enough cost to complete the project in the schedule and budget.



You understand how the existing systems work and what systems must remain operational. We work with you to schedule shutdowns and cut overs so that there is minimal to no impact to operations or visitors.



We help you select the right project delivery method, develops the correct scopes of work, and developing contracts for the general contractor, designer, subcontractors, vendors, and others as required. Securing the future of the budget, schedule, and closeout process.



We pay attention to the details to ensure that the contractor is meeting their obligations. We manage budget and schedule compliance so that the project stakeholders can understand exactly how the project is moving forward.



We understand the complexities of hospital and healthcare sites. We work with all budgets and schedules on a part-time, full-time, or consulting basis.


Regulatory Agencies

Permitting can be one of the biggest risk factors for a project. We work with city officials before and during the permitting process to ensure that permits are in hand by required start dates.